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The People 

We are a creative studio whose focus is on creating wonderfully fun and smile inducing letterpress and paper related products and goods. At the heart of Backyard Letterpress and Paper Company in the dynamic duo of Shauna Buck and Stefan Jackowski

Shauna is the ideas gal. Her glitter obsessed mind is the brains and sole behind Backyard Letterpress and Paper Co. As a illustrator by trade, her whimsical illustrations serve as the core to all our letterpress images and designs. It's hard to be around this girl and not want to throw your arms up in spaghetti-armed filled excitement!!

Stefan is the operations man. He ensures that there are the necessary tools and supplies to make all the whimsical, glitter-filled ideas come to fruition. He may be the straight man in this comedic pairing, but his passion for beautiful design and quality is contagious. Together Shauna and Stefan make up this lively studio we call Backyard Letterpress and Paper Company


The Presses 

Sigwalt Chicago #11
This was the first press at Backyard, and although it's currently not in operational condition, it serves as an ornament to our humble beginnings.

Kelsey Excelsior 3x5
This is one of our most recent presses to be used at the studio. It's great for bringing along to shows and giving live demos. But don't be fooled by its size, this one sure packs a punch!!

Chandler and Price 10x15
This is the workhorse at Backyard. It's big, it's heavy and it's wonderful!! This cast iron beaut may have been made in America, but its heart and creations are pure Canadian!

The Backyard Letterpress and Paper Company has been constantly growing and some new additions are coming in the near future